Energy ring starts with retirement home

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Zurich - Beginning in 2015, Cofely AG will provide the Sunnehof retirement and nursing home and other interested parties in Immensee with heat generated from renewable energy. The project is part of Cofely’s so-called Energy Ring scheme.

Cofely AG, a provider of energy-efficient solutions and services, recently presented the Energy Ring project details to local residents. The company will install heat pump for the retirement home that was specially developed for the Energy Ring project. Beginning in the summer of 2015, the building will be heated by renewable energy. 

The Energy Ring seeks to bring locally available energy to where it is most needed, for instance to heat buildings. This involves building a connection between the different buildings to allow for a flow of energy. The retirement home is only the beginning of the project; more buildings will be connected to the Energy Ring in Immensee at a later stage.  

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